Four decades of working with wood: the 40th anniversary of Łąccy Company is approaching.

The old year is coming to an end. The year 2023 will be a special time for Łąccy Company as we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary! We have prepared for this occasion by refreshing both our corporate website, Łąccy, and the websites of our brands, MoonWood and ArtFloors. We have also implemented updated logos. Four decades of working with wood have allowed us to gain immense experience, which we strive to efficiently utilize, improving our products and providing our customers with the best solutions. We don't hesitate to say that we are proud of this and eager for more! read more

News from the nesting boxes for birds produced by Łąccy-Kołczygłowy

Multiple times on various occasions, we have emphasized that environmental protection is a highly important value for us. While producing wooden furniture, we never forget about the ecological responsibility of our business. This responsibility is reflected not only in our use of certified raw materials and their local sourcing to reduce the carbon footprint but also extends to taking care of our local birds by manufacturing and placing nesting boxes in the area. These boxes are made from plywood waste, a material we use in the production of wooden furniture. The initiative included workshops read more

Job offer for the position of Sales Representative

We are looking for a Sales Representative to join our team. read more