About Us

Łąccy - Kołczygłowy Spółka z o. o. is a company with many years of tradition in the field of production and trade in wood industry products on the domestic and foreign markets. About 80% of our production goes to the Western European market, mainly to Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The company's history

The beginnings of our company date back to 1983, when Zbigniew Łącki opened a sawmill in Kołczygłowy . Until now, we have been producing lumber and other sawmill products for our own and our domestic and foreign customers. These products reach various parts of the world and enjoy unflagging popularity.

In 1995, we established a manufacturing plant in Jezierze, where oak and beech glued boards, furniture accessories and interior design elements have been produced for many years. As one of our oldest plants, it is still operating and is subject to continuous modernization, with an emphasis on the development of production and attention to quality. In recent years, we have equipped it with a high-class press for gluing wooden boards, specialized processing machines and a modern paint shop. We are planning further activities aimed at increasing our capabilities.

In 2000, a manufacturing plant in Barnów was established, where we produce our Artfloors oak two-layer floorboards, offering them to our long-term and new customers on the domestic and foreign markets. These floors are highly appreciated. We are practically the only manufacturer in Poland offering two-layer boards on birch plywood, produced from materials 100% supplied by our plants.

Due to the huge own needs in terms of the production of layered floors, in 2011 we decided to establish a plant producing birch plywood. This provides us with comfort in the production process and speeds it up significantly, we also have complete control over the quality and raw material used for the production of plywood, which results that this product is very popular among the customers and has a huge impact on the final quality of our floor.

To meet the needs of our customers, we decided to launch a production plant of furniture MoonWood (our own brand), which was established in 2018. Although this is the youngest branch of our production, we try to develop it dynamically, creating a modern production hall with a technologically advanced machine park, which includes, among others, a modern CNC machining centre, grinding workshop and a specialist paint shop.

People are our greatest capital. We currently employ nearly 250 people in 5 plants located in the Kołczygłowy commune. Most of them are long-term employees whose contribution has a huge impact on the development of the company.

Our values and priorities

Many years of development allowed us to be self-sufficient. Thanks to the fact that we have many years of experience in the production of wooden boards, plywood or sawn timber, we can produce two-layer oak floors or furniture based on our own material. Having full control over the production processes, we care about ecology and the best use of wood, obtaining it from crops where sustainable forest management is carried out under the control of PEFC. We strive to constantly improve and develop our brands, increasing our production capacity and our offer. We also cooperate with universities, where we establish contacts with prospective people that have interesting ideas. Our priorities are high quality products, innovation, respect for standards and satisfaction of our customers.