In our workshops in Kołczygłowy, we manufacture solid wood furniture - highly popular for its appearance, sturdiness, and uniqueness. Even modern designs carry accents of classic and traditional elements, which is of great importance to many buyers. Our wooden furniture embodies a subtle style, a wide range of muted colors, and a well-balanced design. These products are crafted from Polish, strong oak wood with meticulous precision. If you value comfortable relaxation and work in your home, our wooden furniture offers will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

We offer furniture at affordable prices...

Wooden furniture for the living room is an integral part of an elegant and comfortable interior. They also bring warmth, harmony, and tranquility to the space. They work well in various designs, ranging from pure classics to highly modern arrangements. They will also look stunning in industrial and Scandinavian interiors. In industrial setups, darker tables, benches, or metal-legged coffee tables will be perfect, while delicate, muted furniture in white or pastel colors will complement Scandinavian interiors.
Furniture from our collections offer freedom of choice, versatility, and simplicity. They are designed for those who like to customize their wooden furniture to match their interior. You can decide on the color and diameter of the tabletops, as well as the height and color of the legs. Thanks to these extensive customization options, the furniture can fit into almost any style, be it traditional, Scandinavian, rustic, industrial, nautical, and many more. Depending on the model, the furniture is made of high-quality plywood, solid oak, durable beech, or coated with high-quality oil. The wood used in production is sourced from Kashubian forests, and the entire production is carried out by a Polish company. So, regardless of your choice, you can be a hundred percent sure that you are supporting a local company committed to sustainable development.

And also, premium-class furniture!

Oak furniture based on the idea of multifunctionality. They are designed to be used in more than one room; for example, a bench will fit perfectly in the hallway or at the foot of the bed in the bedroom. Additionally, some pieces can be fitted with accessories such as trays or pedestals using a metal knob, which is remarkably simple. It's worth noting that we deliver the furniture for free with our own transport, already assembled.

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The furniture's surface is finished with a matte lacquer, giving them an original effect of raw wood, and the grooved surfaces of the fronts of dressers, cabinets, or wardrobes give them a unique character. Another feature of this collection is the prevalence of rounded shapes and high-quality craftsmanship. The wood used is top-grade oak sourced from State Forests.

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