Wood parts that are generated as production waste can be used as biomass. All the biomass produced by us is certified, confirming its sustainable sourcing. This aligns with the ecological principles we adhere to at every stage of our operations.

We offer for sale:

Wood Chips

They are generated as post-production waste during the processing of oak and beech wood; they have a wide range of applications in heating systems or in the production of wooden prefabricated elements.


They are an important element in the chain of rational wood utilization; primarily used for heating, but can also be utilized in the creation of wood-derived products.


Before debarking oak logs, they must be stripped of their bark; we offer it in small quantities, ensuring good quality and high purity of the product.


We mainly produce it from oak wood with a birch mixture, maintaining excellent combustion parameters. This product is in high demand and represents a clean form of heat generation while ensuring great environmental care.